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Building up a better smile includes taking the time to look for ways to analyze your oral health and making the necessary changes. If for any reason you are struggling with your oral hygiene, it may be linked to issues associated with your oral hygiene routines. Assess your flossing needs and determine if there’s anything you can do to change it. Frequently asked questions regarding dental floss are as follows:

What is the significance of dental floss?
Dental floss is beneficial for your smile as it can clean areas between teeth that otherwise could not be reached by traditional cleaning tools such as brushes.

How can flossing be used to help prevent poor oral hygiene?
Dental floss is beneficial for your oral hygiene as it can help eliminate plaque and bacteria responsible for dental erosion and other forms of dental damage. By using a combination of brushing and flossing daily, you can help improve your oral hygiene.

What are the benefits of dental floss?
Dental floss is designed to remove debris that is stuck between teeth. Ideally, you should be flossing every single day with a safe and reliable product that can actually reach all areas between teeth.

What are my options for flossing?
Always use shred-resistant dental floss for cleaning between teeth or easier to operate tools such as water flossers. Whereas dental floss uses thread to clean between teeth, a water flosser uses beams of water.

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